Courses and Conferences

  • Conference: The Big Adventure of the Mars Exploration 28 October - 9 December 2009 More
  • Congress: Mathematics and Astronomy: A joint long journey 23-27 November 2009 More
  • Course: The Mars Exploration 13-17 July 2009 More
  • Meeting: Spanish Meeting about Solar Sistem Exploration 4-5 June 2009 More
  • Conference: Mars Exploration: Scientific and Technological Dimension 20 May 2009 More
  • Congress: IX Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA) Study of the Martian ionosphere: Aplications and limits of Chapman layer's model 13-17 de September de 2010. More
  • Congress:IX Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA). Phobos Eclipses over Mars in operativity periods of Missions Viking, Pathfinder and Phoenix.Madrid, 13-17 September 2010. More
  • Conference: 25th Aniversary of Nevado del Ruiz Eruption, Colombia: Spanish Mission in Crisis Management. Madrid, 25 November 2010 More